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Somero SXP Laser Screed
Accurate | Productive | Precise

James K. Coy, President of James K. Coy Construction, Inc. knows a thing or two about concrete. Since starting his business in 1979, his company has poured a tremendous amount of concrete. With ever-increasing costs and demands for high quality, true flat slabs, James K. Coy Construction, Inc. is proud to be in the industry in utilizing the very latest in concrete construction technology.

Since purchasing the Somero equipment in 2001, they have placed thousands of square feet of concrete with ease. James' company started out using the S-160 Laser Screed and the 3-D Profiler and loved the work they could get out of it, but then Somero came up with a bigger and better laser screed machine.

We are proud to announce the new Somero eXtreme Platform (SXP) Laser Screed into our line of equipment. It is packed with several new features for our company to work with. The SXP showed tremendous improvements in efficiency, accuracy and quality of placement. With the new rotating head feature of the Somero SXP, we found that we had a much longer reach, which is one of the best improvements made to the original laser screed. Also, the new power rotating head enables an operator to skirt obstructions, operate along walls, and extend reach.

We have improved on our productivity and saved on labor costs and fatigue with our employees. They love the SXP because of faster set-up, clean-up, and maintenance. These benefits allow them to get home early and have more family time. So if you need the job done fast and on time while meeting the highest standards at a price you can afford, look to James K. Coy Construction, Inc.

For more information on the new Somero SXP Laser Screed, please call 1-800-314-8933 or visit today.


Provide our customers with quality service through cost-effective work using skilled craftsmanship. We strive to educate our employees with the latest techniques in concrete placement so that our knowledge may become a valuable asset to our industry. Most importantly, we employ people with integrity, honesty and trust so that our word becomes a valued asset to those with whom we work.


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